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Vikings Cornerback Chris Cook Cleared On Gun Charge

This won't get a lot of play from the bigger media outlets, since they already got what they wanted. . .that being an opportunity to trash a member of the Minnesota Vikings. But today in Virginia, Vikings' cornerback Chris Cook was cleared of a gun charge that stemmed from an argument he had with a neighbor back in March.

Cook admitted to getting into a verbal confrontation with the man, but denied having pulled a gun on him. Cook does have a concealed carry permit in the state of Virginia.

Thankfully, it appears that Cook has learned something from this, even though it turned out that he didn't do anything wrong other than yell at someone that yelled at him first.

"It definitely will make me smarter about how I react to other people and what they say to me or what they try and do to me," Cook said Friday. "It just makes me more cautious about what I say or how I react to other people."

Thank goodness. . .hopefully Cook is maintaining his focus on staying healthy and developing into a decent NFL cornerback now that he doesn't have to deal with idiots throwing stupid, baseless accusations at him any longer.