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Could The National Football League Completely Shut Down?

Pro Football Talk is reporting that if the National Football League should lose their appeal and are forced to uphold Judge Susan Nelson's stay of the NFL Lockout, they might be prepared to take a very drastic course of action.

Mike Florio and company are reporting that if the NFL's appeal is denied that there are rumblings that the owners could shut down the entire operation, essentially meaning that the league would be going out of business. Not just locking the players out, but shutting down every single aspect of their business until such time that the players agree to a deal.

Would the NFL take a huge PR hit if this were to happen? Of course they would.

Would the owners end up getting exactly what they want in the end if this were to happen? It's hard to imagine a scenario where they wouldn't.

Do the owners have the testicular fortitude to do it? That remains to be seen.

Now, I don't know how realistic a possibility this whole scenario is. . .I would like to think that it's a long shot at best. I'm also no legal expert, so I don't know all the ins and outs of everything that would happen if this scenario were to come to fruition.

I'm simply going to go out on a limb and assume that, if it were to come to this, it would be very, very bad.