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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: So NOW Minneapolis Has A Plan?

Weird. . .weren't these guys broke a couple of weeks ago?

Minneapolis officials will announce a proposal Monday to build a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings on the Metrodome site that calls for the city to pay roughly 25 percent of the cost, a source with close knowledge of the plan said late Sunday.


The city plan, according to the source, would use sales taxes from the city's convention center for the project and also would provide money for renovation of Target Center, the home of the Minnesota Timberwolves in downtown Minneapolis. The proposal would also change the debt structure for Target Center.

No city property taxes would be used for the Vikings stadium, the source said.

Honestly, I have no idea what in the heck Minneapolis is up to here. First they say they can't support any sort of funding for a new Vikings' stadium, and then when it comes out that the Vikings are thisclose to a deal with Ramsey County for a stadium, suddenly there's a proposal that comes out with two weeks left in the current legislative session.

To borrow a phrase. . .

So now, we once again have two proposals, and time is winding down on this year's legislative session. The legislature will adjourn two weeks from today, and the Vikings' stadium proposal has not even gotten a formal hearing as of this time. If Minneapolis had a proposal to throw out there, then why the heck didn't they say anything before now?

All I know is that somebody had better figure something out soon, or the future of the Vikings in the state of Minnesota could end up being in some serious trouble.