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The Daily Norseman Partners With TiqIQ To Bring You Minnesota Vikings Tickets


With the Metrodome. . .or, you know, wherever the Vikings have played home games over the past decade or so. . .consistently being sold out, it's not always easy to find tickets to attend Vikings games at the Metrodome, and even tougher to find tickets to Vikings games if you want to follow them on a road trip somewhere.

With our new partnership with the good folks from TiqIQ, we are hoping to change that for Viking fans everywhere. If you haven't seen the link already, up at the top of the page where you see links to the FanShots, FanPosts, Archives, and so forth, you will see a link at the very end labeled "Tickets." If you click on that, it will take you to a page like the one you see above.

What TiqIQ does is scan various websites, such as eBay, StubHub, Tickets Now, and others in an effort to find you the best deal on tickets. You can click on various sections of the seating chart, depending on where you'd like to sit, and you'll get a list of the best prices for tickets in those particular sections. You can also see what the prices for those tickets are doing, whether they're trending towards becoming more expensive or trending towards becoming cheaper. If you click on the "See Tickets" button next to a particular game, you can check the tickets by seating location, and you'll see a column labeled "Rating" next to the different tickets. If the icon is colored green, TiqIQ thinks that it's a good deal. If it's gray, the deal is labeled as "neutral," and if it's red, TiqIQ thinks you can get a better deal than those particular tickets.

For example, if you hit the link for the Vikings' season opener on September 11 against the San Diego Chargers, you'll find tickets in the "Field Center" section of Qualcomm Stadium for anywhere from $179 to $409 each. The deals are green up until you get to about $200 or so, then they go into the gray color. Once you get up into the $250 range, you start to see a lot of red. Alternatively, if you want to play it cheap and/or want to buy tickets for a sherpa and two mountain goats to help you get to the top of the stadium, you can get into the "View Endzone" seats for as little as $48. Wherever you want to sit, or whatever you feel like spending on tickets, TiqIQ can help you get into the stadium for the best possible price.

We're happy to partner with the folks from TiqIQ, and hope that we can help you folks out there to get the best price for Vikings' tickets anywhere so that you can cheer the Beloved Purple on, wherever and whenever you'd like.