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Check Out The News Conference For The Minneapolis Stadium Proposal

There has been a press conference announced for the city of Minneapolis' proposal for a new Vikings' stadium that will be starting at 2 PM Central time, or in just about fifteen minutes or so.

I'm not totally sure what they're going to be proposing, other than the proposal is going to include both a new stadium for the Vikings and renovations for the Target Center, but it will be interesting to find out. I'm not even sure who will be speaking at this thing, whether it will be Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak or Barb Johnson or someone else. No idea whether anybody from the Vikings' organization will be there to speak, either, though I would sort of have my doubts at this point.

Right now, there are people wandering around and getting things prepped for the press conference, but all indicators are that the presser is still on schedule for 2 PM Central time.

Watch live streaming video from theuptake at

In the meantime, you can discuss the presser in the comments section. Enjoy!