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Filed under: Names "Vikings Get Screwed" Ninth-Best Game Of 2010

Well, that's not the official name that they used for it, but anybody that watched that particular game. . .and you already know which one I'm talking about. . .already knows exactly what happened.

I mean, really. . .when the official league website is using language like this:

The ironic thing is, Shiancoe did catch that ball. The replay was clear. Making matters worse, the score should've probably been 21-7 or 21-10, as the Packers were gift-wrapped a touchdown on a sketchy "completion" earlier in the game.

Yeah. . .we all know what happened that night.

On the bright side, a couple of good things came out of this whole thing. . .the NFL passed a new rule that all scoring plays would automatically be reviewed, thereby putting a stop to the sort of plays like the "gift-wrapped touchdown" mentioned above.

The second is that the Minnesota Vikings were able to add to their all-time NFL lead in the category of "apologies received from the National Football League offices because our officials are too stupid and too incompetent to do their jobs properly," a category in which the Vikings have lapped the rest of the NFL field several times.

Oh, well. . .I guess the integrity of the game has to take a back seat sometimes. Primarily when it involves a Vikings loss.