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The Minnesota Vikings Are Very Good At Tackling

The folks at Football Outsiders have released their team broken tackle counts from the 2010 season, and they bode very well for the Minnesota Vikings, from all indications.

According to the numbers that FO has put out there, the Minnesota Vikings are the second-best tackling team in the entire National Football League. Out of 964 total defensive snaps, on only 41 of those plays were the Vikings credited with one of their tackles being broken, and they were credited with 47 broken tackles overall. That means that teams only broke tackles against the Vikings' defense on 4.3% of all the defensive snaps the Vikings played, or about once every 25 defensive snaps. Only the New England Patriots were better, according to Football Outsiders.

While we all know that the secondary had their issues with tackling. . .yes, Madieu Williams, I'm looking at you here. . .for the most part, when the Minnesota defense hits you, you tend to stay hit. Guys like Chad Greenway, E.J. Henderson, and Kevin Williams very rarely let opposing runners get out of their grasp. And, according to FO's individual statistics, Jared Allen was one of five defensive lineman that they charted that had more than 40 tackles without being credited with a broken tackle.

As long as the Vikings' defense remains fundamentally sound on this front, particularly if the secondary can shore things up a little bit, the Minnesota defense could very well be good enough to carry an adjusting offense through the early portions of the 2011 season.