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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Vikings, Ramsey County Have Plan To Pay For Roads

How many roads must the Vikes pay for
Before someone builds them a field?
And how much more cash must the team cough up
Before they can complete the deal?
And how many days can the state do squat
Outside of just sit on its hands?
The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here's hoping that Bob Dylan doesn't show up at my door any time soon seeking some sort of vengeance.

Anyway, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Vikings and Ramsey County will be revealing a plan today that will detail how they intend to cover the cost of approximately half of the $131 million in transportation upgrades needed around the site of the proposed new Vikings' stadium in Arden Hills.

The proposal would ask the state to pay the other half of costs, roughly $65 million, for managed lanes that would go in one direction in the morning commute and the other for the evening commute, said Ramsey County lobbyist Nick Riley, who has been involved in the negotiations.

The argument is the state Department of Transportation should cover the cost of the so-called sane lanes because they would be used mostly by commuters on Interstate 35W to and from the downtown during weekday rush hours while the Vikings would need the lanes for about 10 home games a year.

I sure as heck hope everyone stops screwing around here sometime in the near future and gets this done. The state is looking at a potential July 1 shutdown for a full-on government shutdown, so if something doesn't get worked out budget-wise before then, it's going to be very bad for a whole lot of people, not just the Minnesota Vikings.