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Minnesota Vikings Player Traits From Madden NFL '12

If you're a sports video gamer, then you're quite familiar with the good folks from When it comes to previews of the latest edition of the annual sports games, nobody does it quite as well as those guys do.

On their FaceBook page, they have started to post some pictures of some of the "Player Traits" that are new to Madden NFL '12. Different positions obviously have different traits, and all of the players are rated in "consistency" and "confidence." From my understanding, nearly all of the players start with the same confidence rating, and it fluctuates with their on-field performance.

For example, take the first Viking picture they posted, quarterback Christian Ponder.



To be honest, this seems about right for Ponder. He throws a pretty nice ball, he knows when to throw the ball away, and he doesn't force a lot of passes (I think I'm interpreting that properly, anyway). I guess I might have a bit of an issue with the "Tuck and Run: Often" thing, since he's not really a "running" quarterback, but other than that it seems to be alright.

There are some more Vikings' player trait pictures after the break. . .who are they? Well, if I told you, you might not make the jump. What fun would that be?