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Your New Vikings Highlight Video Of The Indeterminate Time Period

Strangely enough, Viking fans that frequent Viking sites seem to like videos of the Vikings that don't involve the roof of their stadium collapsing and things of that nature. God bless research, huh?

So, why not go back to the game that could very well. . .and, unfortunately. . .signify the peak of our excitement over the last couple of seasons. . .the 2009 Divisional Playoffs against the Dallas Cowboys.

I have not yet received word as to whether or not Cowboys' linebacker Keith Brooking is still crying about that last touchdown pass to Visanthe Shiancoe.

I never understood all the asinine arguments about the Vikings "running up the score" in this one, either. On the drive prior to the last Vikings' TD pass, the Cowboys were down by 24 points, and were still running to the line after each play and spiking the ball and calling time outs like they still had a chance to win the football game.

Apparently a lot of people were, as the kids today like to say, "butthurt" because they didn't want the Dallas Cowboys to stop playing hard and stop trying to win the football game. . .they simply wanted the Minnesota Vikings to stop playing hard and stop trying to win the football game. Whatever.

In any case, enjoy the Paul Allen-narrated highlights, ladies and gentlemen.