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The Metrodome Turf Might Have To Be Replaced, Too

While the majority of the focus has been on the roof of the Metrodome, and rightfully so, it has recently been discovered that six months of rain, snow, and heavy equipment driving around on it might not be so good for the playing surface underneath the dome, either.

Based on preliminary tests, officials believe the turf can be made playable again. If not, the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission this week authorized a bidding process to ensure that new turf, costing up to $800,000, would be ready by mid-August, in time for the Vikings' preseason games.

"We believe the turf will be fine," said commission chair Ted Mondale. "However, with the amount of rain that's come in and with the boards on top of it, there may be parts of the turf or all of it that needs to be replaced."

The current Metrodome turf was installed about a year ago, and under normal circumstances would have been good for a very long time. However, what's been going on with the Dome over the course of the past few months is not really what one would consider "ordinary."

Things appear to be back on track for the Dome to be ready for the Vikings' first pre-season game, however. . .as long as the owners and players stop screwing around and actually get something done here.