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Percy Harvin Thinks He Might Be Migraine-Free

Bad news coming from the Percy Harvin camp. . .well, bad news if you're one of those people that cheers for another NFC North team and were pleased as hell when the guy collapsed during last year's Training Camp because of a migraine headache, anyway. (And were subsequently pissed off when it turned out he was okay. You know who you are.) For those of us that don't have our heads jammed firmly in our asses, it's actually pretty good news.

Harvin told the Hampton Roads Pilot that he has not had a migraine in five or six months, and that he thinks that he may finally be free of them.

Harvin was reluctant to go into much detail, but is cautiously optimistic he's found long-term relief from a health issue that has dogged him since childhood.

"I met a couple of doctors," he said. "There were a couple of things they found in my neck that I won't get into - some things they found and fixed, along with diet and the rest of the things that can cause them.

"It's been great, and knock on wood, it'll continue."

I know that we've heard this before. . .specifically leading up to training camp last season. . .but it sounds like this is the longest stretch of migraine-free time that Harvin has experienced, so hopefully he has found something that will stick.