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A Couple Of Vikings Would Welcome Plaxico Burress To Minnesota

I still don't think the odds of Plaxico Burress landing in Minnesota are all that good, but a couple of Vikings' players have been openly stumping for him to consider Minnesota among his potential destinations. The fact that the two players in question are, arguably, the Vikings' two best players might help his cause a bit.

The first one was running back Adrian Peterson, who went on ESPN's SportsNation last week and, when asked about Burress, said this:

"I would love him to be a part of my team," Peterson said. "He’s a guy – before he left the game for two years – he was one of the top receivers in the league. You look at [Eagles quarterback Michael] Vick, when he came out [of federal prison], how explosive he was. I’m sure he [Burress] is going to be on fire and he’ll be ready to contribute to whatever team picks him up."

Then, later on in the week, receiver Percy Harvin echoed Peterson's sentiment during a radio interview in Virginia.

"I think he’s one of the best receivers to play the game," Harvin said, "so I would love to have him and get the opportunity to learn from him as I did [Randy] Moss and some of the other veterans I’ve played with."

If you'll remember correctly, Harvin was quite perturbed, to put it mildly, when the Vikings cut Randy Moss loose. Apparently the two of them had become quite close during Moss' limited run in Minnesota, and Harvin's game picked up quite a bit when Moss was on the field, allowing him to spend more time in the slot than on the outside.

As I said, I don't know how much the sentiments of Harvin and Peterson will affect whether or not Plaxico Burress will find his way to Minnesota. He's not worth #1 receiver money at this point, and I highly doubt that he's going to get #1 receiver money anywhere. Still. . .a potential three-receiver set of Sidney Rice and Burress out wide with Harvin in the slot is awfully intriguing. I still don't see it happening, but I've been wrong before. . .I think.