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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Wilfs Apparently Adding $30 Million To Contribution

That's what ESPN1500 in the Twin Cities is reporting at this time (via the Minneapolis Star-Tribune).

The team's current contribution to the project stands at $407 million, but during their meeting with Governor Mark Dayton last week, the Vikings apparently agreed to pledge the extra $30 million to the stadium effort. Another meeting is scheduled for Thursday between the Wilfs, the governor, and "other principles in the stadium discussion." The hope for this session, apparently, is to iron out any final differences in the bill so that it could be presented at a special session.

The Minnesota government is facing the prospect of a total shutdown in just ten days if a budget is not agreed to, so if there's going to be a special legislative session, it's likely going to have to get underway in fairly short order here. To make this kind of increase, the Wilfs must be feeling pretty good about their chances to get a bill passed during this special session, and one would think that Dayton would want to get one passed as well, lest he be (potentially) known as the guy that let the Vikings get away. That would be a pretty good way to shorten one's career as a politician in the state of Minnesota.