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Could We Have Thursday Night Football Every Week Starting In 2012?

According to a story just posted at Pro Football Talk, it sounds as though the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, whenever it's agreed upon, will contain a provision for a sixteen-game package for Thursday Night Football, rather than the eight-game package that we've seen for the past few seasons. This would start with the 2012 NFL season.

In what also spells potentially bad news for the NFL Network, it doesn't look like the Thursday night games will be on their network, either, instead being put out on the open market for the highest bidder. The NFL Network has had enough difficulty getting into the majority of homes the way it is. . .not having actual NFL games for at least part of the season is going to make the network less attractive to cable providers.

Presumably, the games are going to end up on a network that already has something in place with the NFL. Of the four networks that currently have television arrangements with the NFL (CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC), one would assume that ESPN would probably end up being the best fit for that, since the three main over-the-air networks would have to do all sorts of schedule shuffling to accommodate football on a Thursday night, unlike ESPN. . .ESPN might have to rearrange some things, but they always have ESPN2 and ESPNU and THE OCHO or whatever else to fall back on.

What do you think of the prospect of having Thursday night football for an entire season in 2012?