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Free Wings For Everybody! Free Wings For Everybody! (Maybe)

DISCLAIMER: I am not receiving anything from the folks at Buffalo Wild Wings for posting the following story, and neither is anybody else connected to the site. Because I am truly a man of the people, I am doing this for all of you.

If the NFL Lockout moves into the regular season, places like Buffalo Wild Wings will be very negatively impacted by it. Buffalo Wild Wings is a pretty enjoyable place to watch football on Sundays if you're not willing to pay for the Sunday Ticket package or if you're outside of the domain of your favorite team.

So, the folks at Buffalo Wild Wings have come up with something. . .I don't know how much incentive it's going to provide anyone to get anything done, but it's interesting anyway.

What it amounts to is this. . .if the NFL Lockout comes to an end before July 20, the original date for teams to be able to report to Training Camp, Buffalo Wild Wings will give six free chicken wings to everybody that signs their "Save Our Season" petition on the restaurant's FaceBook page.

So, hey, if you're interested in that kind of thing. . .you know, free food and things of that nature. . .feel free to check it out!