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ProCamps Worldwide Takes Blame For Adrian Peterson Football Camp Fiasco

Rule number one. . .if you're going to schedule the Adrian Peterson Football Camp and promise that Adrian Peterson is going to be there, you should probably actually ask Adrian Peterson if he can make it.

CAMP UPDATE! ProCamps Worldwide would like to correct its previous statement regarding this week’s Adrian Peterson Camp in Norman, Oklahoma as well as take full responsibility for the scheduling mishap with this event.  We erroneously stated that Adrian’s inability to attend the camp results from his involvement with the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2011.  In fact, he will be visiting the NFL Network on July 3, 2011.  ProCamps has appreciated the opportunity to assist Adrian with his football camp the past three years and due to a breakdown in communication on our end, the camp was scheduled at a time that prevented Adrian from being able to attend.  We would like to note that Adrian has never missed a minute of his camp since the inception and that over 1000 kids have been impacted as a result.  Furthermore, Adrian’s commitment to helping kids is reflective in the multiple football camps he has hosted since entering the NFL and continues through his commitment to his personal foundation as well as mission trips assisting kids around the world.

I believe that the effective word here is "D'oh!"

I apologize for jumping on the story early, like so many others did. With as much work as AP has done for kids and charity and things of that nature, I should have known that the whole story had not come out yet.