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A New Twist On A Great Highlight From 2009

The 2009 Minnesota Vikings were a fun team to watch, and it was thanks, in large part, to Brett Favre, our former nemesis.  Favre pretty much cemented himself in Vikings lore in one play against the San Francisco 49ers early in the season.  We all know the play, but what if... 

What if Über Announcer Gus Johnson called that play?

For those of you who don't know who he is, he's quite possibly the best announcer in sports.  He used to call a lot of March Madness games on CBS, but for some reason, they let him go.  That's good for us in Big Ten country, as Johnson has been hired by the B1G Network, and will call two regular season games and the B1G Championship game.


Gus Johnson calling B1G Ten games this year?  Oh, bestill my beating heart.