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We Are Working With Ashton Kutcher On His Latest Project

And by "we," I don't mean "we" as in "us." Well, we are, in a way.

What I mean is that Ashton Kutcher has joined SB Nation. No, not as a blogger. . .no, he's not bringing Mila Kunis with him as part of a package deal (and I have enough faith in the higher-ups at SB Nation to think that it was at least discussed). . .he has joined SB Nation's board of advisors.

Jim Bankoff, the chairman/CEO of SB Nation, made the announcement earlier today. . .appropriately enough, using Twitter.

Proud to welcome @aplusk as our latest @sbnation advisor. A sports and gadget fan with great ideas. cc: @thisismynext @Official_WCG @bhgpless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I, personally, think this is a pretty cool development. Kutcher has invested in numerous start-ups, and has a list of criteria that he looks for prior to jumping on board. Apparently, he's seen these things in SB Nation, which is why he's now a part of the team.

Happy to have you aboard, Ashton! Even if you are a Bears fan. . .hopefully, this is something that can be corrected (or, at least, worked on) in the near future.