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Isn't That Cute. . .Someone Thinks That Brett Favre Still Owes Something To Green Bay

One of the most recent stories making the rounds is that of former Green Bay Packers' offensive lineman "Fuzzy" Thurston. For those that haven't seen the story yet, Thurston is scheduled to have a bunch of his football memorabilia sold off because he thought he was too special and too important to pay taxes like everyone else in America. More specifically, in 1984 he was ordered to pay around $190,000 in taxes connected to withholding from employee salaries from a business he ran. Now that it's 27 years later and Thurston has completely ignored his obligations, the bill (with penalties, fees, and interest) is now north of $1.7 million.

And wouldn't you know it, former Packers beat writer Greg Bedard (who now writes for the Boston Globe) has decided that it would be a great idea to invoke the name of the guy that people like him and the rest of the Green Bay "faithful" have spent the last three years slandering, insulting, and crapping all over the legacy of.

It will take about 2 min for a Packers fan to bid on Fuzzy's ring and give it back to him. Favre should do it. Start the healing. Seriouslyless than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

To borrow a line from Dana Carvey's "Church Lady". . .how conveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenient.

Naturally, I have a few problems with this.

First of all, why in the hell should Favre "start the healing?" How about you get some of the losers that thought those concussions he suffered in 2010 were just super peachy keen awesome to start the healing instead? After all, they're the ones that are in the wrong, not Favre.

Second, Thurston owes $1.7 million dollars. That ring is going to fetch, at the very most, about $30,000. And you know what? Unless I misunderstand the tax laws, if someone buys it, gives it back to Thurston, and he still owes the IRS money. . .guess what? The feds are going to take it again. Hey, maybe Favre should buy the ring 50 or 60 times just to make sure ol' Fuzzy is okay. Because, hey, if buying it once would "start the healing," buying it that many times would be like "finding a cure for AIDS."

The biggest one, though, is this. . .I don't make a whole lot of money. I've never made a whole lot of money. But every April 15th when the tax man comes knocking, my bill is paid. And, quite frankly, I've sure as hell never owed the IRS $1.7 million dollars. Hell, I would love to get to the point one day where I owe the IRS $1.7 million. Do you know why? Because if I owe the IRS $1.7 million, that means that, along the way, I made a metric assload of money. Hell, even if I owed the $190,000 that Thurston was originally ordered to pay, I'd still be sitting awfully pretty. But despite having successful bars and restaurants over the course of the last (nearly) three decades, ol' Fuzzy never quite seemed to get around to paying his tax bill.

Why on earth should Brett Favre bail out a freaking tax cheat? Hell, why should anybody bail out a freaking tax cheat? Because he was on a team that won a Super Bowl once? Really?

And this isn't even an anti-Packer thing. . .there are guys that need money out there, and they actually deserve it, like former Packers defensive back Willie Wood. Wood suffers from dementia, and his pension doesn't nearly cover everything he needs for treatment and care. There's a benefit for him every year in Washington, D.C., and it helps to cover a decent part of his expenses. If the IRS were to declare that they were auctioning off Willie Wood's stuff, that would be grounds for outrage.

Guys like Willie Wood have been dealt a rough hand in their post-football lives, and deserve the assistance and help of others. Guys like Fuzzy Thurston, on the other hand, decided that taxes are for little people, and now that it's time to pay the proverbial piper, he seems to expect to just skate on by again.

Somebody. . .or a group of somebodies. . .appear to need to readjust their priorities a little bit.

And seriously. . .after the last three years, coming to Brett Favre with your hand out is just pathetic. Get out of here with that garbage.