Stadium Deal Supposedly Close

As of today, the Star-Tribune is citing sources who say an announcement of a stadium deal at the Arden Hills site could come later today:

Setting aside the question of whether those un-named sources are correct,  this story claims that the original one-billion dollar price-tag on the new stadium has been dropped by about $200 million, that the Vikings have "upped" their original $407 million contribution by an un-specified amount, and that the various public and private entities involved have resolved questions about who would own the stadium. No hint of how that question might be resolved.

My take: if this is for real, I am glad that the Vikings upped their contribution, as I am on record as one of those people who does not think the taxpayers should be shouldering so much of the bill for this or any other sports facility owned and operated by a billionaire's club. I did notice this story did not mention any specific numbers in terms of how much the Vikings might contribute.

I am also curious about how $200 million, or about 20% of the original cost estimate, was shaved off the price of a new stadium.

Maybe these questions will be answered today or later this week, or maybe (OK, probably more likely) this is false-start # 10,876 on the new Vikings stadium front.

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