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Have The Vikings Razed The Roof To Get A Stadium Deal Done?

Midnight Rambler pointed this out over in the FanPosts, but I want to bring it out here, because there's something about this that I find incredibly intriguing.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune is reporting that a deal for the Minnesota Vikings' proposed new stadium in Arden Hills is getting closer to fruition. The thing that intrigues me about this is the second paragraph of the story.

Sources reported Wednesday that stadium negotiators had dropped the cost of the $1 billion proposed project by nearly $200 million, the Vikings had upped their contribution from $407 million and the state, Ramsey County and the team had resolved who would own and operate the stadium in suburban Arden Hills.

Okay, follow me on this.

The original stadium deal, as announced, called for the Vikings to pay for $407 million of the cost of the project. They have since upped that contribution by at least $30 million, and possibly more that we just haven't heard about yet.

In addition, the deal called for Ramsey County to kick in $350 million dollars. The state then would have been on the hook for the remaining $300 million, with the costs for potential roads being a part of that contribution.

So, if the Vikings are now at at least $437 million. . .and Ramsey County is, presumably, still on the hook for the originally agreed upon $350 million. . .that gives us approximately $790 million that's accounted for.

Now, the cost for the project has reportedly (if the Star-Tribune's report is accurate) dropped by approximately $200 million dollars, which would put the cost of the project at $800 million or so. Hmmmmmm. . .$200 million. I believe that's about how much its been reported that it would cost to put a roof on this new stadium. Not to mention that Zygi Wilf has said on more than one occasion that he would love for the Vikings' new stadium to be of the outdoor variety.

I'm not saying it's likely or anything. . .but isn't it at least possible that the Vikings are tired of waiting for this to get done and are asking the state to just repair the roads, taking the roof for the proposed stadium out of play and basically making this a partnership between themselves and Ramsey County?

I don't know. . .but I'm waiting like heck to find out.