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Filed under: Names Top Five Vikings' Plays In Metrodome History has something on their website outlining the top plays in the history of each of the National Football League's ten oldest stadiums, and naturally the Metrodome is on the list. Their five best plays might differ slightly from everyone else's, so we can feel free to discuss the ones that didn't make the list in the comments section.

The five plays that chose, in chronological order, are as follows:

He who shall not be named's first carry as a Minnesota Viking, 1989

The man was largely wasted in Minnesota, but for at least these couple of shining moments the deal seemed like a good idea. The specific play in question on this one starts at about the 40 second mark.

The rest of the top five after the jump.

Cris Carter's 65-yard TD catch to beat the Bears in overtime, 1994

Yep, all the guy does is catch touchdowns, no matter where he's at on the field. This play puts on display the hands, body control, and everything else that should have made Cris Carter a first-ballot NFL Hall of Famer.

Daunte Culpepper to Randy Moss. . .to Moe Williams, 2003

No matter how many times I see this play, I can hardly believe my eyes. Culpepper makes a hell of a throw (in his first game back after missing a couple of weeks with injuries), and Randy and Moe take care of the rest.

Gus Frerotte to Bernard Berrian, 99-yard touchdown, 2008

You know, people can talk about the alleged greatness of Charles Tillman all they want. This is the only play that any Viking fan should think of whenever that guy's name is mentioned.

Brett Favre to Greg Lewis, 2009

You know, we've had the Paul Allen version of this play on this site a whole bunch of times, and as awesome as that is, here's a video of the entire drive that culminated in the Minneapolis Miracle.

So what do you all think? Did the folks at do a sufficient job with the top five plays in Metrodome history, or were there plays that should be on there that aren't?