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Great News: Concealed Weapons Could Potentially Be In Play At Lambeau

What could make the NFL's thinnest-skinned fans even more cordial and enjoyable?

Letting them bring guns to the stadium, of course.

What. . .you thought that headline was a parody? Oh, no. . .it most certainly is not.

Wisconsin is expected to become the 49th state that allows concealed carry. That means adults with permits and proper training can bring a concealed hand gun into public buildings and state parks but what about Lambeau Field?

 "I don't know enough about Wisconsin's specific law to know if the stadiums are exempt or not or can be exempt," said Stadium district Executive Director, Pat Webb.

Seriously, how in the heck does this guy not know? Is it too hard just to say, "Ummmmm, no, you will not be bringing your firearms into the stadium?" Apparently, it is. Really, is there any other stadium in the NFL where this would even potentially come up?

(Okay, I'll concede Oakland, but that's the obvious answer. Think outside of the box, people.)

I can't believe this is even an issue. . .I can't take a Swiss Army knife onto an airplane because OMG IT HAS SHARP POINTY THINGS ON IT, but yeah, let's let Carl Gerbschmidt bring his Glock to a place where tempers regularly flare and confrontations regularly take place. Just for fun, let's throw in copious amounts of alcohol, too. Really, what could go wrong?

Honestly, I love my Second Amendment rights as much as anyone. . .but for crying out loud, draw a freaking line in the sand already.

In a related story. . .this ought to put a screeching halt to any rumors of Brett Favre's potential unretirement, eh?

(Hat tip to Pro Football Talk for originally discussing the story.)