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Vikings Could Still Add Veteran Quarterback Before Season Starts

We're all well aware that Christian Ponder is the future quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings. . .but while that point isn't up for debate, the question of whether or not he'll be the team's quarterback of the present is a matter of some debate, and that debate will only get louder as we get closer to the start of the 2011 NFL season without a labor agreement being reached.

As we get closer to the start of the season, it remains debatable whether or not a rookie quarterback, even one with the obvious intelligence that Ponder possesses, could get fully prepared for their first NFL season with an abbreviated training camp, especially with a new offensive coordinator that hasn't been able to install any of their offense with any of the other players at this point.

When asked about it by the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Frazier said this about the quarterback situation:

What you don’t want to do is put a guy in harm’s way to the point where his confidence is affected for the future. So, we’ve got some different things that we’ve got to talk through and figure out based on when we start football.

So it appears that getting a "veteran quarterback" is still something that's potentially in play for the Vikings. . .it's simply a matter of which "veteran quarterbacks" are going to be available. A guy like a Matt Hasselbeck or Marc Bulger that could actually serve as a mentor as well as start would be ideal, and wouldn't cost any draft picks if they could potentially be convinced to come to Minnesota. Donovan McNabb will also be available, and I don't think I can voice my opposition to that strongly enough. A deal for Denver's Kyle Orton could be an alternative as well, but it's likely that Denver would be asking for quite a bit, particularly from a team in the situation that the Vikings could perceive themselves to be in.

I still feel that, regardless, the Vikings are going to put #7 out there from Day One to let him sink or swim, but any developments on that front will become more interesting as we get closer to the start of the season. . .or the lack thereof.