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Peter King Says Matt Hasselbeck Could Be In Play For Minnesota

We've talked a bit lately about quarterbacks that could serve as a sort of "bridge" should the season get started too late to realistically allow Christian Ponder to be the Vikings' starting quarterback for Week One. One of the options that has been mentioned is current Seattle Seahawks' starter Matt Hasselbeck, who will be a free agent when the off-season gets underway.

It has long been assumed that Hasselbeck was going to remain in Seattle, but at least one football writer has a different view on it, that being Sports Illustrated's Peter King. In a series of tweets, King predicted that Charlie Whitehurst. . .not Hasselbeck. . .will be the starting quarterback for Seattle in Week One. This would suggest that Hasselbeck would be departing the Pacific Northwest. . .while he's getting a bit long in the tooth, one certainly wouldn't think that he would re-sign with the Seahawks if he was going to be sitting behind Charlie Whitehurst.

When pressed to predict where Hasselbeck would end up, if that was the case, King said the following:

RT @SFH_Anchorman: @SI_PeterKing so again I ask, where will Hasselbeck be? ... Tote board: 1 Az, 2 Tenn, 3 Miami, 4 Minn.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

I still want to see Christian Ponder behind center for this team in San Diego. . .or wherever the Vikings' season opener ends up being played. But if the Vikings get more adamant about bringing in a veteran signal caller to give Ponder some more time, Hasselbeck is one of the better options out there, in my opinion.