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Caption This: Adrian Peterson's New Look?

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I'm not sure if we've ever done the "Caption This" sort of thing around here, but this one is kind of cool, so let's give it a try.

This picture was posted by the folks from SkullCandy. They make a few different products, but are most well-known for their headphones. Apparently our favorite running back was out shopping for some headphones today, and managed to find a pair that don't quite fit properly.


So, I leave this to you, the fine, upstanding readers of The Daily Norseman, to provide your best caption for this picture. You can attempt to figure out what's going through AP's mind as he checks these monsters out, or whatever other sort of caption you can come up with for this one. And remember, the greatest offense you can commit in this kind of situation is to not be funny.

Have at it, ladies and gentlemen! I have faith that there will be plenty of good ones from the crowd we have.