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Check Out The Seventh Inning Sketch

This site was once a new, fresh, up-and-coming website, and we had to build ourselves up slowly by trying to get other people to link to us and that sort of thing. So, since we're up there towards the top of the mountain now, it's only right that we help out some folks as well.



This cartoon is brought to you by one Gary Finkler over at a new site called Seventh Inning Sketch. Mr. Finkler has a few different cartoons over on his site, but this is his first football-themed one. Understandable, since he (like most cartoonists) does a lot of cartoons based on the hot topic of the day, and the "hot topic" for football for the last four months has been. . .well, a lot of people wondering if these idiots can simply agree on something.

Hopefully, very soon here, Mr. Finkler will have a lot more football-related stuff to give us cartoons for.