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Watch The Roof. . .The Roof. . .The Roof Go Up Higher

(Yeah, two Bloodhound Gang references to the roof in the same day. We've been locked out for four months. . .sometimes material needs to be recycled.)

As Eric pointed out earlier, today was the day that the Metrodome roof went back up in Minneapolis. When it was announced, it was said that it would take three hours to inflate. In actuality, the process only took about forty-five minutes.

Well, if the state of Minnesota isn't going to pull their collective heads out any time soon, this is what we're going to have for a while. . .well, at least this season. And the few seasons after this while we're waiting for the new Arden Hills stadium to get constructed.

Still no definitive word for sure on whether or not the turf is going to have to be replaced, as they still need to do an assessment on it. If it does, that process will get underway on August 1.