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Joe Webb Is Working With Brett Favre

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Hey, remember back when Brett Favre said it wasn't his job to mentor young quarterbacks? Yeah. . .that was a pretty good one.

According to Viking Update, after Joe Webb finished working out with Christian Ponder in Florida, he's been working out with Favre down in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. This is a fairly interesting development, taking into consideration that Favre once said that it "wasn't part of his job" to mentor quarterbacks in Green Bay. (Maybe Favre only mentors young quarterbacks that actually deserve it.)

Now, as the linked article says, there are some conspiracy theorists out there that will immediately shout that Favre just wants to know what the Vikings' new playbook looks like so that he can plan his next comeback, but I think. . .and hope. . .that Leslie Frazier has made it pretty clear that the Favre era in Minnesota is over and done with.

Still, I don't think it can possibly hurt Joe Webb in any way to work out and attempt to glean some knowledge from Favre. What are your thoughts on the situation?