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State Shutdown To End, Special Session To Be Called In Three Days

I don't care who 'won' or who 'lost' the budget battle, in the end the budget will be approved and the State Legislature will be called into special session by Governor Dayton within the next three days.

Why is this a big deal? Because that means it's probably now or never for the new Vikings stadium. The Vikings, and the governor, for that matter, have been pretty consistent in saying that a stadium deal would get done in a special session, so now is the time. There has been talk of calling another special session in September, but the Vikings have been lobbying during the shutdown to ensure that their bill will be voted on when and if a special session was called.

This is it, folks. We all want this to happen, and the time is now. Call your representative, call your senator, call the Governor. Once the budget bill is passed, the Vikings bill should come up for a vote. Help get it passed.