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Stock Market Report, Stadium Debacle/Legislative Jackassery Edition

So when I heard that there was going to be no stadium bill in the upcoming special session, I decided against jumping on DN and writing something, for a couple of reasons:

1) It would have been a 2,000 word missive, of which 1,856 of those words would've been cusswords. Okay, it would've been over 1,900 cusswords. I obviously needed some cooling down time.

2) Which was provided by a kind and loving God who let me star in my own episode of 'Crumbling of America Weekend' here. The washing machine drain backed up, leaked water onto the carpeting upstairs, and said water also leaked down into the ceiling downstairs above the kitchen and guest bedroom.

And yes, the carpeting is less than a month old, and we just finished re-painting the ceilings last weekend, thanks for asking.

I wish this past weekend would die in a terrible car crash.

I just can't believe...okay, I guess I really CAN believe...that it's come to this. The governor, and the legislature, are really going to take this to the limit, if not beyond, to get this done. If they get it done.

But the dreams I’ve seen lately
Keep on turning out and burning out
And turning out the same

So put me on a highway
And show me a sign
And take it to the limit one more time

SMR, after the jump.

Well, if there's a silver lining to this dark cloud of suck, it's that Sid thinks there will be a special session in September to deal with the stadium. Pardon me if I'm a bit skeptical, but if there wasn't the political will to get this done now, with a solid plan, a local partner, and momentum building to finish it, I'm just not optimistic that September will be any better. Let's face it, the perception is Dayton caved on the budget to his political foes. If he caves on his core principles when the going gets a little tough on something as important as the budget, the Minneapolis cabal will own him when the going gets tough to get the Arden Hills site passed.

Blue Chip Stocks:

You, the Fan: You've been here since 1961, from that first opening day when rookie Fran Tarkenton scrambled and passed the expansion Vikings to a stunning victory over George 'Papa Bear' Halas and the Monsters of the Midway, to last season's final game against Detroit. You invented tailgating at the old Met, you cheered the Purple People Eaters, Bud Grant, 40 for 60, and the Greatest Offense In NFL History. You've remained loyal to a star crossed team that's brought you chills, thrills, and yes, some bitter tears. But you're still here, you're still standing, and you will persevere. You are a Vikings fan, and no matter what those bastards in St. Paul do...or don't'll be here long after they're gone. SKOL!

Zygi Wilf, Owner: As a fanbase, we've got it pretty good as far as an owner goes. Yeah, the Triangle of Authority thing was kind of rocky, but it's worked out, and Wilf has been a good owner. He's been patient, but you have to wonder how much patience he has left. He's been continually put on the back burner for a new stadium, and has had to patiently wait while the Twins and Gophers got new digs. But he has the 600 pound gorilla of Minnesota sports, and a billion dollar investment. But Ted, you say, Chis published a story that said the Vikings were worth $700 million, not $1 billion. A new stadium makes them a $1 billion+ team. Be it Minneapolis or somewhere else. Wilf is a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them. He knows that. It's too bad the state politicians don't.

Solid Investments:

Arden Hills: They stepped up to the plate and worked with the Vikings to provide a local government partner, which was a requirement placed on the team, and their reward? Nothing but bitching from the Star Tribune about how their site and their plan sucks. If the building of the Star Tribune would have a big sinkhole open underneath it, get swallowed and then die in a fire, I'd be cool with that. Just the building and the company, and their ability to print newspapers and reproduce them online. I don't want anyone hurt. Is that too much to ask?

Junk Bonds:

Governor Mark Dayton, Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers, Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch: I thought Dayton had the political stones to carry the water on this stadium, when numerous predecessors didn't. Yeah, he's just another typical jagoff politician that wilts under the big lights of what we call 'leadership'. Same goes for Zellers and Koch. You've let people that don't want a stadium dictate the narrative from the outset, and you have done virtually nothing to help get this deal done. And when opponents say crap like 'there's not a lot of support for throwing people off health care and cutting jobs, and then turning around and approving a billion dollar bond for a stadium' you don't counter that by saying...oh, I don't know...something to the effect that it's actually, you know CREATING 5,000 construction jobs.

The Minneapolis Mafia: And when I say 'mafia', I mean 'legitimate business leaders who I think would rather see the Vikings leave Minnesota as opposed to seeing a stadium built somewhere in Minnesota besides Minneapolis'. During Sid's written rant, which was a thing of beauty, by the way, there was this little nugget of love:

However, before any special session focused on a stadium is held, don't be surprised if there is a big drive by downtown executives for a stadium in the Minneapolis farmers market area rather than Arden Hills. There will be a lot of money spent to get that done. A number of the big wheels of downtown companies believe that prosperity in the loop would reach new heights with Target Field, Target Center and a new Vikings stadium all in the same area. Yeah, let's just blow it all up and start over. Honest to God, if I was Wilf, I'd hold a press conference and say I'm packing up the moving vans for the first good offer I get.


Buy: John 'Bluto' Blutarski:

It's not over. It might be on life support, but it's not over. Now is the time to call and lobby more than ever. I've seen more leadership from the shop-vac I was using today than I have from the political 'leaders' in St. Paul, but if nothing else, we have learned that the spineless can be bent to our will.

Impose your will. SKOL!