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Vikings Put Off Mankato Training Camp Decision

A month ago or so, we told you that the Minnesota Vikings had set a deadline of July 18 to determine whether or not they were going to hold their 2011 Training Camp in Mankato, as they have done for numerous years. Well, today is July 18, and the Vikings have made the decision that. . .they're not going to decide quite yet.

In a statement released by the Vikings today, they said the following:

The Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota State University, Mankato officials have mutually agreed to delay today’s decision regarding the 2011 Vikings Training Camp. While the Vikings had previously set a deadline of July 18, ongoing CBA discussions have given the Vikings and the University reason to refrain from making a final determination on camp at this time. Both parties remain hopeful that the team will be practicing in front of Vikings fans in Mankato this summer.

So, we don't know whether the Vikings will be holding camp at Minnesota State University-Mankato or if everything will take place at Winter Park.

However, we DO know that we'll have people there covering it. But more on that in the future.