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Dayton "Not Sure" About Special Session For Vikings Stadium

Must. . .not. . .curse. Still. . .a. . .family. . .website.

But honestly, you've gotta be freaking kidding me.

"I haven’t decided," Dayton told reporters. "It’s not ready to be considered at this point." The governor also said he would have to consider whether to simply wait until the Legislature convenes for its regular session early next year.

"I take calling a special session very seriously, and something that I would not do lightly," he added. "And so, it would have to be circumstances that compel it."
Yep. . .just keep putting it off and putting it off and putting it off. Second verse, same as the first and so forth.
The thing is that "early next year" also equates to "after the team's lease with the Metrodome runs out," which means that the Vikings would essentially be free agents and wouldn't be accountable to the state for anything.
Yes, Zygi Wilf has said that he wouldn't move the Vikings to Los Angeles. . .he's also never said that he wouldn't sell the team to somebody that would, either. Rest assured, any deal offered to the team at that point would be an absolute sweetheart deal compared to anything they're going to get from the state of Minnesota.
I really dislike this a lot.