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Your Newest Vikings Highlight Video Of The Indeterminate Time Period

Another slow news day on the Minnesota Vikings front, as I'm sure that all of you are already painfully aware. So, it's time for another video featuring your Minnesota Vikings.

Since Ted started the day with a picture of Percy Harvin, let's continue this theme with some of Harvin's highlights from his Rookie of the Year season of 2009.

Wow. . .it's easy to see why fans of one particular NFL team universally applauded when it looked like something potentially awful had happened to this kid during Training Camp last season. I wouldn't want to have to come up with ways to defend him, either.

Harvin is going to have a huge role in the Vikings' 2011 season. He's developed into a lethal option from the slot over the past two seasons, and with the Vikings breaking in a new quarterback, his ability to take short catches and turn them into something bigger will be huge in Bill Musgrave's offense. It remains to be seen whether or not he will play a role on special teams as well, or if the Vikings will keep Lorenzo Booker as their kick return specialist and Greg Camarillo as their punt return guy in an effort to keep Harvin fresher for his offensive duties.