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The Metrodome Turf Needs To Be Replaced After All

The turf at the Metrodome, which first didn't need to be replaced, then needed to be replaced, then didn't need to be replaced any more. . .needs to be replaced after all, according to the Star-Tribune.

"Because of the collapse and the aftermath of the collapse, there was an excessive amount of water on the field for an extended amount of time," Lester said.

He said the staff would recommend the commission go with the lowest qualified bid of $476,000. He did not identify the vendor, but he said the high bid was $784,000.

Lester said an insurance claim for replacement costs has been submitted, but that he didn't know whether it would be covered. The new turf vendor must be acceptable to the Vikings, and Lester said it is.

Well, then, it's going to be like an entirely new stadium. . .which doesn't mean that it's actually a new stadium or anything like that. (Sorry, anti-stadium babies. . .you're not getting off the hook that easily.)

The installation of the new turf will have to be completed by August 18. The Vikings' first pre-season home game will be played on August 27 against the Dallas Cowboys.