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Looks Like Chris Kluwe Was Exactly Right

It turns out that Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins may, indeed, be a couple of "douchebags" after all.

...effort I was told by a union official they could do it by phone last week. Stalling to get the 20 million for Jackson and Mankins."less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

(Hat tip to our friends at Bleeding Green Nation for the link.)

So, the CBA is being held up in an effort to get $20 million dollars for a couple of guys that feel as though they've been wronged by the system. The same system that is going to, in theory, a) give them $10 million each, and b) allow them to explore free agency to make even more.

Man alive, I sure do wish the system would wrong me in such a way.

Both of these guys sat out half of last season in protest of being tagged, in case anyone had forgotten that tiny detail.

I guess Chris Kluwe knew what he was talking about after all.