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Welcome To The Daily Kluwe

Hey, if Chris Kluwe wants to continue making news, I'm more than happy to cover it.

So, a particularly prominent sports website out there, which I am loathe to link to 99.9% of the time because. . .well, it's been pretty terrible since the previous owner left town (but I will say that its name rhymes with "Bread Grin"). . .responded to Kluwe's now infamous "douchebag" tweet from the other day by, basically, telling him that he should shut the hell up because blah blah he's just a punter blah blah punters aren't really football players blah blah. Seriously, the article was actually entitled "When We Want The Punter's Opinion, We'll Ask For It."

(There, now you can Google it and stuff.)

So, Kluwe did the only logical thing. He responded. In that special way that only Kluwe can do. . .with lots of salty language and stuff that you probably shouldn't allow your kids to read. Also, it's pretty hilarious.

Here's one portion that's clean.

I freely admit I'm not a receiver, or a lineman, or a DB, or a quarterback, but why should it matter what position I play? Have I not spent 16 years of my life honing my craft (just like you)? Have I not spent countless hours running sprints, lifting weights, trying to stay awake during boring-ass special teams meetings (just like you)? Have I not suited up for a game, gotten my clock cleaned by a blindside block on a punt return, tried and failed to tackle Devin Hester (just like a lot of people)? Tell me, when it comes to breaking down who gets to talk, what's the order? Should linebackers not be able to talk before safeties, or are they allowed to talk after the centers? When does the longsnapper get to chime in? Does the X go before the Z or after?

You really should read the whole thing, though.

Hey, people can agree with Kluwe's opinion or disagree with it or whatever. . .but the "he's just a punter" thing is kind of stupid, and Kluwe has certainly pointed that out in his response to this particular website.

Kluwe might get a response to his missive, but I'm not sure that I would cease respiratory activity waiting for that to occur.