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Stop Me If You've Heard This One: New Collective Bargaining Agreement Complete

That's according to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports.

The negotiating teams for the players and owners have reached a new collective bargaining agreement, a player source tells me. It's over.

Players are flying to Washington to vote on it. But it will pass.

"It's done," one player source said. "We have an agreement. Now we just have to vote."

Pro Football Talk is reporting the story as well, being so sure as to say that this story is either one of the biggest gaffes in sports journalism history or this thing is actually going down on Monday.

Now, I realize that we've heard this a bunch of times before over the past couple of days, but it appears that it may finally, actually, really, truly, seriously, honest-to-goodness be happening. We can only hope so, anyway. . .I would think that a false start at this point in time would be grounds for some huge backlash from the fans, regardless of who would be at "fault."

As we get more details, we will effort to keep you updated on everything.