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Ray Edwards Is Eager for FA

Hey guys, I was pretty busy today. Did I miss anything? >glances over shoulder< The lockout? What about it?



Well, anyways... seeing as how that small detail has been hammered out, Ray Edwards is ready for FA to get rollin' along, as he well should be. The man has been in an undeniable limbo for the past two years regarding his status as a RFA/UFA, and, in my humble opinion, has both received the short end of the stick as well as handled it like a professional (I know many here don't agree with that last statement, but hey- my story, my opinion).

According to Jeremy Fowler over at Pioneer Press, Edwards is also ready to receive calls from the Vikings as well. As most of you know, I'm an Edwards fan, and I'd like to see him stick around. That said, with our current moves at DE (re-signing Brian Robison and drafting Christian Ballard), as well as our salary cap issues- oh, and don't forget the whole Sidney Rice thing- I just don't see it happening. Pain me as it does to say it, but I'm pretty sure this heralds the end of Edwards in purple and gold. His services as a DE will be a high commodity in this market, and I for one say the money's on him being with the Eagles next season.

We all have differing opinions as mentioned above on Edwards' time with the Vikings. I for one say thanks for your services, and best of luck in the future (with of course the stipulation ‘except against us').

The big question is now- what about that second boxing match?