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Your Free Agency, Rookie Signing, and UDFA Rumor Open Thread

Hi folks. It's going to be a busy day here today, probably one of the nuttiest in NFL history. So we're going to use this as an open thread to discuss any signings, rumors, and trades that the Vikings, or anyone else of significance might be involved in today.

Chis is incognito for awhile, but Eric, Allison, Kyle, and I will be popping in and out through out the day to update as necessary, and once this day comes to a close, we'll recap what is most assuredly going to be a roller coaster ride.

So put on your seat belt, and post the latest rumors and signings here. Oh, and one more thing:


EDIT: Per what Kyle said in his post earlier, there has been no deal agreed to between the Vikings and Redskins for quarterback Donovan McNabb. According to Pro Football Talk, the two sides haven't even discussed compensation. So while a deal might happen, nothing is "imminent" or anything even close to it yet.