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Could Webb See More Work Thanks to New Third-String QB Rules?

Since there's not a whole lot of news today >glances over shoulder< wait, there's still stuff going on with the lockout ending and ensuing chaos and all? Eh, whatever. Anyways, despite the fact that there's a whole lotta news going on today, I thought I'd still take up some front page space to posit a what-if.

Reading Chris' article regarding the change in active roster rules, in particular that there will be another spot available, and that the third string QB can be considered active for game days, got me thinking. Frazier has mentioned that Joe Webb will not likely have a role ‘just to be on the field', but that comment was made with the old rules in mind. If we picked up a veteran, then there was only room for two QBs to be active on game day, and most likely, Webb wasn't going to land one of those spots.

Well, no longer. Ponder and >insert vet's name here< are free to battle it out for the first- and second-string spots, while Webb is around to say, run a wildcat formation for us here and there.

Musgrave has not mentioned this as any sort of plan as of late- but again, he didn't know that the rules would change to give us the flexibility to do just such a thing. But of course, there are a multitude of reasons why this won't necessarily happen- as they say, just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Webb could get injured, our O-line may not be able to support the scheme, etc. etc. Still, with players like Webb and Adrian Peterson around, it sure seems like a tantalizing possibility.

What say you, Viking faithful? Will Musgrave and Frazier's collective brain juices get a-flowin' thanks to the recent rule changes in regards to putting in Webb via the Wildcat, or is this just not something we'll be seeing in the future for the purple and gold?