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Not Sure How I Feel About This

The Final Chapter in the Saga of 'Old Quarterbacks Who Come to Minnesota to End Their Careers'?

For those who haven't noticed the rumblings, apparently there are some deals currently being put in place for Donovan McNabb to be our vet QB stop-gap. This, I know, is going to start a firestorm just by being posted... but I personally am on the fence about how I feel about it. The man could probably offer quite a bit of sage advice and guidance for Christian Ponder, more so than say a Mark Bulger. Or, he could be a total diva prima-donna type. He might win some games for us too... or he might totally implode and not be able to run a two-minute offense better than Rex Grossman.

Anyways, here's a few more specs from the rumor mill- the deal will primarily be compensatory, and it sounds like we're not willing to give up more than a sixth rounder. I'm OK with that, but it does surprise me on some level that the Redskins are OK with it as well. Also, we're going to have to seriously re-work that ridiculous contract he's got- our salary cap issues are looming as is, getting this guy on board for what he was owed will be, well, ridiculous to say the least.

Anyways- we'll be keeping you all abreast. No poll attached here yet to gauge if you all think this is a good thing or not, because it could still fall through, and for all we know it could be entirely founded in baseless rumors (although the amount of info on it out there makes me think not).