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The Best Fantasy Football Advice You'll Get This Pre-Season

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With that, I want to offer you a little piece of advice, one that many of you have probably already figured out for themselves.  If you've been to the grocery store or your local bookstore (provided your "local bookstore" isn't closing their doors) or anywhere else that carries magazines, you've probably noticed that there are a few fantasy football magazines out there on the newsstands. See them there, all nice and pretty and shiny with all of their color pictures and everything?

Good. Leave them there.

Seriously, these magazines have been on the newsstands since about late June/early July. Do you know how early a magazine like that would have to go to press to get on the newsstands by then? At least a month prior, if not more.

How long has football been back for, exactly? 48 hours or so?

Yeah, you get what I'm saying. These magazines are projecting numbers for players like Sidney Rice and Kevin Kolb and DeAngelo Williams and players of that sort when nobody knows where the heck any of those guys (and so many others) will be playing in 2011. How can you expect them to have any sort of even remotely accurate projections when nobody knows where they'll be?

There are websites out there that will have projections that they can update as the silly season of free agency progresses and we have a better idea who will be where and what systems they'll be playing in and stuff like that. As far as the magazines, however, unless you need something to line your birdcage with, just leave them on the newsstand and do your own scouting.