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Day One Recap/Day Two Open Thread

Maybe...maybe not.
Maybe...maybe not.

The insanity continues. After 4 months of virtually no football, with the exception of the draft, yesterday was almost sensory overload. There are a lot of things going on right now that involve our Beloved Purple, to include quarterbacks leaving and (possibly) arriving, wide receivers arriving and (possibly) leaving, and a bunch of undrafted free agent signings.

First things first. Donovan McNabb might have been traded to the Vikings...but it isn't finalized, and there are a couple of big hurdles that need to be overcome. Initially, the Vikings had been interested in Kansas City's Tyler Thigpen, and it was down to them and the Bills, but TT chose Buffalo. The Vikings then concentrated on McNabb, and as I write this, it looks like the trade will be McNabb for a 6th round pick in 2012 and a conditional 6th round pick in 2013. BUT...For the trade to go down, McNabb will have to agree to a sizeable pay cut, as he is due over $12 million in 2011. Kyle sums up our feelings on this pretty well.

Ray Edwards is in what we call in the business the catbird seat. It looks like Carolina has set the bar for okay but not superstar defensive ends by resigning Charles Johnson to a staggering 6 year, $72 million deal, with $32 million guaranteed. Edwards has 29 sacks in five years, Johnson 21 1/2 in 3, they've both had one breakout season, so they seem like similar players. It looks like Ray is gonna make some bank, but it won't be in Minnesota, as that's too rich for their blood.

Former Bears WR Devin Aromashodu...or DA for short...was the first free agent that wasn't of the undrafted type signed by the Vikings. My thoughts on the signing here.

WR Sidney Rice has drawn a ton of interest from the Seahawks, where he would be reunited with former OC Darrell Bevell. Seattle is pushing hard, and it's between the Vikings and the Seahawks.

If Rice does sign with the Seahawks, he would also be reunited with former Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson, which makes me wonder whether or not Seattle is really in the running. The Vikings QB situation seems much better than Seattle's, as the Vikes are closing in on McNabb and have Ponder, while the Seahawks won't be bringing Matt Hasselback back.

So we enter day two, and the Vikings still have a lot of shopping and cutting to do. Consider this an open thread for day two. Put any Vikings or big NFL news in here, and like yesterday, we'll break in from time to time and add a post as is required

Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign, so if you would return to your computer and leave it right here until we get out of this free agency turbulence, we'd appreciate it, and thank you for flying Daily Norseman Airlines.