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Our Old Friend Goes to the Jets?

You knew SOMEONE was going to pick him up.


Seeing as how there’s not anything going on with the Vikings today, I figured I’d give a quick blurb here on this. >glances over shoulder< McNabb? What about him?

Oh, and as is my general disclaimer- if you don’t want to read a story that’s not about the Vikings in particular, and if you don’t want to read a story about Randy Moss specifically… then just stop reading. It’s really, really simple. There’s plenty else to read here today.

Rumor mill has it that Randy Moss is of great interest to the Jets. Having dumped what is described in technical terms as a ‘buttload’ of money on Santonio Holmes, they probably won’t have the cash/ salary cap space available for Braylon Edwards. But… they’ll probably have the cash/ cap space for our old friend Randy Moss, who will not be commanding a whole lot on the FA market thanks to last season’s performance/ antics.

Could be interesting- probably the final stop for the guy who was a major piece of our amazing ’98 season, and a major piece of our history.

Oh, and in other 'old friend' news... I don't think Brett Favre is going to the Eagles, or anyone else for that matter.