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Minnesota Vikings Sign Fourteen Undrafted Free Agents

The Minnesota Vikings have released the full list of the undrafted colleged free agents that they have signed. There are fourteen names on the list, but one name that is not among them is Kentucky running back Derrick Locke, who the team was rumored to have signed. That's because Locke failed his physical with the team, according to the Lexington Herald Leader.

"FYI — the Vikings failed me on my physical," (Locke) wrote. "It's all the info I can give right now and I will update you as I hear something."

So, here are the fourteen college free agents that the Vikings DID sign.

Chris Adingupu, safety, Prairie View
David Akinniyi, defensive end, North Carolina State
Conan Amituiana, guard, Arizona
Matt Asiata, running back, Utah
Larry Dean, linebacker, Valdosta State
Marcell Gipson, cornerback, Wyoming
Ryan Hill, safety, Miami (Fl.)
Andre Holmes, wide receiver, Hillsdale
Rod Huntley, guard, Texas-El Paso
Byron Isom, guard, Auburn
Dominique Johnson, wide receiver, Cal Poly
Allen Reisner, fullback/tight end, Iowa

Devon Torrance, cornerback/safety, THE Ohio State University [Ted wuz here]

Nathan Whitaker, kicker, Stanford

Here's hoping that at least one or two diamonds in the rough can be found in this group.