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Donovan McNabb To The Vikings Is Officially Official, Officially

Pro Football Talk, along with numerous sources on the Twitter, are saying that the deal that will send Donovan McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings will become official on Thursday (edit: or Friday, depending on your source), with McNabb signing his re-worked contract at that time.

Apparently what I mentioned yesterday about McNabb being happy with how the situation with the Viking was handled turned out not to be the case, and that it was simply a matter of compensation not having been agreed upon by the two sides. It seems that that is all out of the way now, and the Vikings will be bringing the veteran in to, presumably, be their starting quarterback/keep the seat warm for rookie Christian Ponder.

Eventually, I'll talk myself into this move and get 100% on board with it. For now, however, I'm still not a huge fan. Then again, as some people have pointed out, the Vikings have had a history of getting older quarterbacks to come in and be successful early on with the team. With the departure of Sidney Rice and Bill Musgrave, presumably, wanting to run a lot more two tight end sets and lean on Adrian Peterson a lot more, maybe this is the sort of offense that McNabb can have some immediate success in.

We shall see, ladies and gentlemen. . .we shall see.