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Team Jones or Team Edwards?

Jones_medium ...Or... Edwards_medium

Seriously, the fact that one of those options is ‘Team Edwards’ is just creepy.

News afoot upon the Twitter-verse is that the Jets are now in the running for WR James Jones, a FA formerly with the Packers. The Packers themselves have expressed interest in keeping him around (with Aaron Rodgers going so far as to claim it should be a ‘team priority’), and of course, if you haven’t heard, the Vikings are also showing interest.

In regards to Braylon Edwards, there’s less substantial stuff out there in regards to the Viking’s interest, however, it does seem clear they have at least spoken and that there is interest. As for the competition for his services, it’s a bit vague as to whom the Vikings are competing with. For sure, it seems that the Jets are not one of them- especially if they are currently going after James Jones. With the recent contract extension to Santonio Holmes, and the Jets’ interest in Nnamdi Asomugha, there just won’t be the cap space available to retain Edwards.

So- who would you take for the Vikings, if we had a choice between the two? I won’t include the option for ‘both’, because we undoubtedly won’t have the cap space for both… or at least, the cap space for both as well as some room to patch a few other much needed holes. (Speaking of which, why is every team in the NFL but the Vikings improving their O-line in FA? Seriously guys, our O-line sucks! DO SOMETHING!)