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Leslie Frazier Enjoys Holiday Weekend At Home

Minnesota Vikings' head coach Leslie Frazier, like many folks on this Fourth of July weekend, is spending his time at home surrounded by friends and family. For Frazier, that means a trip to Columbus, Mississippi, where he grew up starring on the football field for Lee High School, and for nearby Alcorn State University.

Frazier's reputation is that of being quiet and mild-mannered, and this article from the Columbus Dispatch doesn't do a whole lot to dispel that notion. It would be easy for Frazier to panic, given the situation is in. . .he should have had a couple of mini-camps by now, but has been unable to do so because of the lockout. He will, presumably, be starting a rookie quarterback, but has been unable to speak to him outside of a 12-hour window when the lockout was lifted.

But Frazier doesn't seem to be flustered or frustrated or panicked in any visible way. He's simply going on about his business, getting prepared for the 2011 season and making sure that, when the time comes, he's ready to get his team prepared for the business at hand.

Not many people are expecting a whole lot from the Minnesota Vikings in 2011. Rest assured, however, that the 2011 Minnesota Vikings will probably be better than anyone expects. . .because this man is their new head coach.